2016: The year of BIG PLANS for our community!


The year that we plan to have a robust training program in schools, businesses, and community; a safe rides program operating in DC; and four paid staff members working on policy advocacy, community training and outreach and innovative direct services to prevent public sexual harassment and assault. We just wrapped up strategic planning for the next 3 years, and all of these things are on the docket.

Yes, we plan big.

Thank you so much for all the ways you’ve already helped us so much during this fundraising season. We’re asking you to consider supporting us again with a donation before this year’s tax deadline — midnight tonight!

CASS is a volunteer-led organization. Your engagement and love is what keeps us going!  Each dollar amount goes a long way to support our activism to end public sexual harassment and assault.


This is the final post in 12 Days of CASS, our end-of-year series to highlight the work we’ve done in 2013 to prevent public sexual harassment and assault in DC.