6: The Number of Times Our Work Was Recognized By Honors & Awards!

ending street harassment in dcIt always feels *awesome* when we get props from folks like you for the work that we do to end public sexual harassment and assault. This year, CASS and CASS staff were honored 6 different times by local and national organizations.

We’re incredibly proud of being named Community Change Agents by our friends at Stop Street Harassment, who work tirelessly to address public sexual harassment and assault all over the world. At the very end of 2012, we were incredibly touched when our Executive Director Chai Shenoy received an activist award from the Washington Peace Center. We admire their work so much, and it meant the whole world to have OUR work recognized by such an amazing institution!

In 2013, we also became grantees of the amazing Diverse City Fund, which promotes community-level social change in the DC area by funding innovative grassroots projects (seriously, just check out their other grantees to see the amazing company we’re in!). Chai was also recognized again alongside Julia Strange, our Director of Programs and Policy, with a Young Women of Achievement nomination from the Women’s Information Network (WIN) this year. And last but not least, Renee Davidson, our Communications Director, snagged a nomination for the very awesome 2013 Women’s Media Center Social Media Award, presented by Jane Fonda!

Your engagement and love is what keeps us going! Please support us by donating in honor of 12 Days of CASS, our end-of-year campaign for tax-deductible donations made by December 31st, 2013. Each dollar amount goes a long way to support our activism to end public sexual harassment and assault.

DonateNowThis post is part of 12 Days of CASS, our end-of-year series to highlight the work we’ve done in 2013 to prevent public sexual harassment and assault in DC.