97: The Number of Anti-Street Harassment Activists We Trained in 2013

“Who are these new anti-harassment activists?” You ask. They’re YOU, every time you participate in one of our trainings or workshops

This number doesn’t even include the many people we’ve given talks to at American University or the National Sexual Assault Conference, spreading the word about community-driven harassment prevention! We love the chance to talk face-to-face with folks like you about how you experience public sexual harassment and assault, and what you do to address it. Participants leave our workshops with new skills to identify and intervene in harassment when they’re experiencing it or witnessing it happening to others. Each person trained means another knowledgeable, empowered set of eyes on the street — your street!

Community workshops are some of the most impactful work we do, but are also time-intensive. However, thanks to your incredibly generous Giving Tuesday donations, we will be able to offer twice the number of trainings we gave this year, as well as create a standardized set of curricula for our trainings. This will make it easier to bring anti-harassment skills to a greater number and variety of new audiences. We promise you a much larger number of brand-new activists in 2014 — and it’s all thanks to your help.

Here’s what some people had to say about CASS’s workshops.

“The trainer facilitated a few interactive exercises that helped us to anticipate real-world situations in which the bystander intervention skills we were learning could be used. She had a firm knowledge of the issue and handled difficult questions from visitors to our group respectfully, while also reinforcing that victim-blaming is not acceptable.”Tenley Peterson, DC Chapter of the National Organization for Women (DC NOW)

“The workshop was well structured and informative. The facilitators treated the topic well and I left the workshop feeling confident in my ability to address street harassment.”Participant, CASS workshop with Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s (WABA) Women and Bicycles Program

“We had great feedback from the workshop! One of the best things about it was how well [the co-trainers] complimented each other. We liked the balance between information/brainstorming and practical demonstrations.” – Liore Klein, Metro TeenAIDS

“I really liked how participation was encouraged from everyone and the laid back environment that allowed people to express themselves freely without fear of judgment.” – Participant, CASS workshop with Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s (WABA) Women and Bicycles Program

Participants in our workshop with WABA

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