Our End-of-Year Fundraising Drive Is Here: 12 Days of CASS!

Collective Action for Safe Spaces End-of-Year Fundraising Drive

CASS Community, we’ve done SO MUCH together in 2013. You told us about the improvements you want to DC’s transportation infrastructure, helped us advocate for policy to change the way police handle sexual assault complaints, and demanded that your safety be on the agenda for DC’s new transportation plan. You partied with us, and you blew our #GivingTuesday fundraising goal out of the water. You’re amazing.

Now here’s something that may actually be news to you: until November of this year, CASS was entirely volunteer-run.

That’s the number of volunteer hours donated by CASS’s staff in 2013.

Kind of amazing what a group of highly dedicated people can do, isn’t it?

Without a single paid staff member, we lead a policy initiative to change the way sexual assault complaints are handled by DC police, created an anti-harassment wheatpaste campaign, threw a big party for 250 of our community members, and more! 

As part of our end-of-the-year fundraising, we’ll be hosting an official 12 Days of CASS on our blog. We’ll be sharing a new CASS fact (like the one above!) every day through December 26.

We could use more help to keep bringing you the unique anti-harassment programming you’ve come to expect from us. Please consider donating to our End-of-Year Fundraising Drive before the tax deadline on December 31. And watch our blog, because each day until December 26, we’ll be updating it with a new CASS fact like the one above to tell you the story of our organization and show you just how much we can do with the support of community members like you.

Donate now, and know that each of your donations helps us build a community where women and LGBTQ individuals can move around the DC Metro area without the fear of gender-based violence.

This post is part of 12 Days of CASS, our end-of-year series to highlight the work we’ve done in 2013 to prevent public sexual harassment and assault in DC.