Street Harassed in Petworth: “No, I DON’T want your number!”

Street Harassed in DC
Street Harassed in Petworth: “No, I DON’T want your number!”

Location: 9th St. between Hamilton St. & Ingraham St. NE (Petworth)
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

Walking along the sidewalk, coming home from buying catfood down in Petworth. I’m sweaty and disheveled and carrying a backpack. A man is standing near the gate to an apartment complex. He steps in front of me and just starts shouting: “Hey baby, you look beautiful, can I call you? Will you call me? Here’s my number. Take my number. I have it right here, take my number!” He does have it written on a piece of paper, and he tries shoving it at me. I’m smiling nervously and saying no, no, have a nice afternoon, no. Wondering how far away the next nearest person is.

He continues: “Oh c’mon baby, I’ll help pay your bills! You want anything? Wanna call me? Wanna go out sometime? You’re beautiful and I love you! Beautiful careless girl! Beautiful careless girl! Have a nice day!” As I walked down the street away from him, hoping he wasn’t going to try and follow me home.

I’ve seen this guy before, loitering on 8th. I wonder if he has some issues of his own? In any regard, he makes it scary to go get catfood on a nice day. When my partner’s with me he just stares, shouts “Welcome to the neighborhood!” once we’ve walked past.

Emphases by CASS.
Submitted 10/28/13 by “LG.”

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