#SpookyStats: Here’s Why Street Harassment Is A Big Deal

#SpookyStats: Here's Why Street Harassment Is A Big Deal
#SpookyStats: Here’s Why Street Harassment Is A Big Deal

In celebration of Halloween, we’ve pulled together some #spookystats on street harassment.

Public sexual harassment, or street harassment, is a widespread problem that disproportionately affects women and LGBT folks, severely limiting their safety and restricting their mobility. Since CASS was founded in 2009, we’ve received hundreds upon hundreds of stories of street harassment faced by DC residents.

Have a friend, coworker, or family member who doesn’t get why street harassment is a “big deal?” Help change their mind.

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  • Over 99 percent of women report facing some form of street harassment.
  • 90 percent of gay & bisexual men report experiencing street harassment.
  • 95 percent of women report being the target of leering or excessive staring at least once.
  • 8 percent of transgender folks report being physically attacked or assaulted in places of public accommodation.
  • More than 37 percent of women have had a stranger masturbate at or in front of them at least once in public.
  • 53 percent of transgender folks report being verbally harassed or disrespected in an area of public accommodation.
  • Nearly 57 percent of women reported being touched or grabbed in a sexual way by a stranger in public.
  • Over 77 percent of women said they were the target of kissing noises from men.
  • About 62 percent of women say a man has purposely blocked their path at least once.
  • 44 percent of transgender folks report being denied equal treatment or service at least once in a place of public accommodation.
  • 59 percent of gay & bisexual men reported changing their routes to avoid street harassment.
  • About 27 percent of women report being assaulted at least once in public by a stranger.

SOURCES: Stop Street Harassment, Feministe/Patrick McNeil, Center for American Progress


  • 90 percent of DC respondents surveyed by CASS report experiencing at least one form of harassment or assault.
  • 83 percent experienced verbal harassment.
  • 71 percent experienced leering.
  • 39 percent experienced following/stalking behaviors.
  • 20 percent were rubbed up against.
  • 8 percent experienced groping, public exposure/flashing and public masturbation.
  • 64 percent don’t feel safe on public transit.

SOURCE: CASS’s 2013 Public Transit Survey