Street Harassed in Union Station: “You have no right to comment on my chest!”

Location: 16 and K St NW (Union Station)
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

Walking back from some lunch time shopping at Metro Center, I felt a trickle of sweat on my chest. I looked down to see and a man, yellow oxford shirt, khaki pants, goes, “Yes, they are big tits.” I stop, say “That’s disgusting!” and keep walking. He says to me, “Well, you WERE looking at them.” I said, “I was checking to see if I was sweating. Thank you.” He laughed and kept walking. I yelled after him, “I hope you get hit by a car!!” as he crossed the K side lane in front of the Hilton/Mint. I really do wish bad things on people like that. Karma is a bitch.

Emphases by CASS.
Submitted 8/8/13 by “JKM.”

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If you experience or have experienced sexual harassment on the DC Metro system: Whether the event is happening at the moment or occurred months ago, we strongly encourage you to report to Metro Transit Police (MTP): or 202-962-2121. Reporting helps identify suspects as well as commons trends in harassment. Recommended tip: Program MTP’s number into your phone so you can easily reach them when needed.

If you need assistance in coping with public sexual harassment or assault, please contact the DC Rape Crisis Center (DCRCC) 24/7 crisis hotline at 202-333-RAPE (202-333-7279).