Street Harassed While Walking to Get a Zipcar: “Who says that to a random woman on the street?”

street harassment in DC
“I continue to chuckle before I start to realize that he was serious.”

Time:  Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)
Location: 1250 Connecticut Ave. NW (Dupont)

I was walking up Connecticut Ave. in the early evening trying to locate a ZipCar parking lot when I was approached by a man. He walked along side me and said,  “are you following me?” I responded in my most sarcastic tone (because I was clearly looking for an address and referring back to my phone), “Uh, yeah, sure, right.” He responds, “well, that’s a really good catch, good decision.” I continue to chuckle before I start to realize that he was serious. He continues, “really, I’m a great catch, I’m going this way (points to the right) where are you going?” My response: “this way (other direction)” He boldly says “do me a favor, take my number.” Me: “I’m married (point to my ring).” Him: “oh, I’ve been there before, hasn’t stopped me.”

Me laughing sarcastically but also quite offended inside and feeling a bit mind f*cked – I walk off to get the ZipCar. I was totally weary of the walk up an alley where there was nobody and having to get out my wallet to get my Zipcard. Luckily he wasn’t dumb enough to follow me, but seriously what a creep. “Do me a FAVOR, take MY number?” Who says that to a random woman on the street?

Emphases by CASS.
Submitted 6/27/13 by “CM.”

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