Ud. Trabaja o Vive en DC e Utiliza WMATA? Favor, Toma Nuestra Encuesta!

NOTE: This is the Spanish version of our survey. Need the English version? Find it here. We want to reach as many folks from as man background as possible. Please send to any Spanish-speakers you know! 

Ud. ha sido víctima del acoso sexual en tránsito público en DC?
Ud. trabaja o vive en DC e utiliza WMATA?
Favor, toma nuestra encuesta!


<3 Collective Action for Safe Spaces

One Response

  1. ruby corado


    i love this survey and i took it in spanish because i want to help distribute in the latino community and transgender community
    i just saw a few translations that i know my friends and clients might get confused

    i would love to talk to someone and make suggestions so people from central america understand those questions better in spanish.

    once again, i love the survey is also a way for those of us who experienced harassment to vent…because no one talks about the sexual harassment in this city


    Ruby Corado