Stalking & Leering on the Redline: “Metro needs to step up security on train cars”

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Location:  Metro: Redline to Glenmont
Time: Night (7:30pm-12am)

I got on at Gallery Place toward Glenmont. Just before Judiciary Square a I noticed a man staring at me with a very angry glare. I was very uncomfortable and I was questioning what was going on with him so I moved to what I thought was out of eye contact range. He managed to move a few seats down and continued to look at me as though he was angrier. He seemed to be mid-40’s, receding hairline. I tried not to make eye contact too long so that was all I could get.

At Union Station I changed cars. He was in the previous car but moved to the window to continue to glare at me FROM THE OTHER CAR. I moved down again. I got off at Rhode Island avenue, he got off too, but I jumped back on.

He did not sexually harass me but the anger and the intensity was clearly about intimidation. Please someone must demand that metro step up security on the cars. These are really sensitive situations and I doubt a phone number would have been useful, in fact I am certain that if I had stared at him any longer to get his description, I would have been in a particularly dangerous situation.

Emphases by CASS.
Submitted 4/12/13 by “AD”

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