“Damn, baby, is that ALL you’re wearing?”

Location: 14th & Spring Rd. (Columbia Heights)
Time: Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)

After a few days of battling a cough, I was tired. Tired of work, tired of coughing every time I laughed, and definitely tired of getting street harassed. So when this old man said, “Damn, baby, is that ALL you’re wearing?” (mind you, I was wearing jeans, a non-cleavagy t-shirt, and my coat) to me while walking home last Saturday in the early evening, I had it.

He kept repeating this as I walked past him, “Damn, baby, is that all you’re wearing?” over and over again. So I turned around, marched right up to him and coughed my phlegm-y cough onto his face. He paused, a bit dumbfounded, and then continued to repeat his ridiculous line.

Despite not making him realize what a douche he was being, I hope he’s somewhere out there, battling a cough, alone, tired, and cold.

Tired of getting street harassed!
Tired of getting street harassed!

Emphases by CASS.
Submitted on 3/15/13 by “LM”

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