Public masturbator in Adams Morgan: A crime or just “something inappropriate?”

Location: Klingle Road, NW (Adams Morgan; between Adams Mill & Connecticut)
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

Was walking with my roommate (both of us are young females) in broad daylight on Sunday afternoon (March 3rd). We were walking to Mt. Pleasant from Cleveland Park on Klingle Road. Just off the sidewalk and in the woods of rock creek park (about 20 feet away from us) was a man publicly masturbating. Pants down at his ankles, full exposure. He made direct eye contact with us, and his expression spread into a creepy grin while his hand continued to quickly stroke his dick.

We called 911, because in the moment, we were so shocked and couldn’t think of where else to report this. After a 7-minute conversation, the police agreed to dispatch a car. Really? It’s probably too late for that and we did NOT stick around to keep an eye on the guy. The dispatcher asked me for a description of the man, which i gave to him. He then repeated the offense to me (after i very plainly explained the situation w/ graphic details) by saying “Ok, there’s a man and he’s doing something inappropriate. Can you repeat the cross streets”. Really?! “Something inappropriate”… sigh.

No wonder so many crimes like this go unreported. They’re not taken seriously.

Emphases by CASS.

Submitted on 3/3/13 by “CS”

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