Misogynist street harasser at Farragut Square

Location:  17th & K Street NW (Farragut Square)
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

A disheveled, middle-aged man often solicits money from people walking through Farragut Square. He usually says “F– you” to many people going past, but he directs even more anger at women. Multiple times, including today, he asks for money and I say “I’m sorry” and keep walking. Then he says “F— you” or “F—ing c—“ or “Yeah, that’s right, keep walking b—-“. On Friday, I was purchasing a snack from a female food truck vendor. This man was seated on the park curb about 10 feet behind me. He began ranting loudly, “F— you, you c—s! Go the f— back home! You should be taking care of a husband! C—s like you are why a man can’t get a job!”

I am angry. I don’t know his life story; I’d sympathize if he is struggling with drug addiction or mental illness. But I am fed up with his behavior. I hope he is arrested. His rights to be on public property do not trump my rights to be on public property

Originally posted 2/11/13 by Anonymous

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  1. C

    This homeless guy is quite infamous around downtown DC for his mean comments to passers-by. I have heard him say nasty misogynistic things to women and spew the N word at black pedestrians. One morning I didn’t give him money and he said “I hope you live on the street some day in the cold rain, f#*king jerk!” Nice way to start the day, huh.