Suspect Sought in a Kidnapping/Sexual Assault: 5100 Block of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, NE

Contact: Officer Hugh Carew; 202-727-4383

January 31, 2013

(Washington, DC) The Metropolitan Police Department’s Youth Investigations Division is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspect in connection with a kidnapping/sexual assault, which occurred in the 5100 block of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, NE.

On Thursday, January 31, 2013, at approximately 9:00 am, a 16-year-old female was walking in the 5100 block of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, NE, when a black male suspect got out of his vehicle and grabbed the female from behind, forcing her into a SUV.  He drove her a short distance away where he groped her before letting her go.

The suspect is described as a black male with a light complexion, in his late 20’s, 5’7” to 5’9” tall, approximately 200 pounds, with long corn row hairstyle, crooked teeth, and bulging eyes.  He was last seen wearing a black jacket.  He was operating an older model black SUV, possibly an American made, or a GMC style.

Anyone with information that can assist in the identification of this suspect is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging50411.

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  1. Lennay

    Male Stalker- Possibly Dangerous
    Description: 40-55 year old man, tall (~6’-6’3’’), lanky/thin, balding at the top and center of his head with very thin light brown hair in the back, thin metal round (Harry Potter-shape) glasses, light colored eyes (semi close together), large pointy noise, tends to swivel head often but not suspected to have Parkinson’s- it’s more of a confused looking-around
    I’ve unfortunately encountered this man one too many times on the metro. I believe he creeps on girls (especially blondes as I am one and have witnessed him preying on another blonde on the same train as me) who catch his eye around the Orange line area especially on the metro.
    1st Incident: morning rush hour @Metro Center station orange line to New Carrollton- He was continuously staring at me to a point of me feeling threatened and extremely uncomfortable
    3rd Incident: mid-end November 2012 after work day @Rosslyn to Foggy Bottom Orange line- He literally followed me off the same cart of a metro train despite him being in mid-squat about to sit down in seat when he realized I was getting off the train. Immediately after I exited the train, I boarded the train across the platform. The doors shut and I spotted the man looking confusedly around on the platform, standing in the same place, when he made eye contact with me through the train doors and stared at me until my train departed.
    4th Incident- Inauguration weekend evening time @ Kramerbooks in Dupont during Inauguration weekend where he was completely uninterested in books, drinks or food. He walked in by himself and only stared oddly at people (including myself and my roommates with whom I was waiting for a table) for ~25 minutes before leaving by himself without buying or eating anything.
    5th Incident- morning rush hour @Metro Center Orange line to New Carrollton- I was alone on the platform waiting on NC train for ~4min, then train approached and I boarded, sat down, looked up and suddenly the man was there when I had not noticed him no the platform yet he boarded behind me onto the train. He would not stop staring at me even after I stared back at him to communicate that I was feeling threatened by him. He kept staring and was looking at my things, so I did not want to pull out any personal items or give him any hints of who I was. I felt so threatened I exited the train at Smithsonian station, where he continued to stare at me through the window- sitting in the seat I was just in- until the train departed.
    I have called Metro Police Department who recommend taking a picture of him and reporting him. The police cannot currently act upon this report because no physical harassment has been committed. I am not one to keep riding the metro to wait until that does happen. Please contact police if you see this man.
    Note that no verbal communication has been made so there is no voice description for this man. He wears casual slacks, layered professional jackets, and solider black gym shoes. Beware of this man as it is suspicious that he may mental issues and can be dangerous (possibly schizophrenia).