Sexually harassed at Tenleytown bus stop

Location: Bus stop for the 31/32/34 buses; Wisconsin Ave at Tenleytown Circle
Time: Morning Rush Hour (5am-9:30am)

I was walking past a bunch of commuters on my way down Wisconsin Avenue around 8:30 AM, and a man standing next to the busstop (sic) caught my attention by saying, “Hey lady!” When I looked over, he continued, “I’d love to make love to you in the bushes over there, what do you say?” I turned away from him and kept walking, but he continued to shout “what do you say? what do you say? what do you say?” until he either stopped, or I could no longer hear him.

There were several other men standing at the bustop (sic) when the incident occurred, and I’ve continued to wonder what was said, if anything, to the man harassing me after I’d passed by. Did a brave soul tell him to stop, as I wished I had been able to do? Or did they stay silent, as I did? Either way, it was a crappy way to start the day.

Submitted on 1/25/13 by Anonymous

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