Harassed on metro & followed on foot to Cobalt

Location: Metro – Blue and Red Lines (Franconia to Dupont); Dupont Area; Cobalt DC
Time: Night (7:30pm-12am)

Got on train at Franconia around 10:30pm on Saturday January 19 and throughout the ride to Metro Center, got undressed with the eyes several times by two men. Upon reaching Metro Center, one of them got up and grabbed the bars on either side of him, swinging back and forth and blocking us in at the back of the car where there are only 2 rows of seats, asking us questions about where we were from. Told him we weren’t going to answer and pushed past, taking a roundabout way to transfer to the red line for our stop at Dupont – first going to the opposite platform, then hiding behind a set of escalators so they wouldn’t see us. Somehow they did. They followed us to Dupont, got off and accosted us again when we were orienting ourselves above ground. Despite walking a roundabout way to Cobalt, they found us at the club and accosted us again.

Submitted on 1/22/13 by “AA and TT”

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