“It was horrifying, disgusting, in daylight, and made me feel creeped out.”

Location:  U Street NW between the Starbucks & Vida
Time: Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)

I was walking on U Street NW just exiting the Starbucks when a large/fat man in his late 30s was riding his bike on the sidewalk approaching my direction. He said the following to me “If you let me take you home, I’ll let you ride my tongue for 5 hours.” It was horrifying, disgusting, in daylight and made me feel creeped out. I screamed at him “You’re not supposed to ride your bike on the sidewalk, you dork! And go fuck yourself asshole.” He yelled something to me inaudible when he go to the corner and kept riding his bike on.

Submitted on 1/1/13 by “BBH”

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