An unfortunately common experience: Berated for ignoring sexual harassment

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Location:  8th & R Sts, NW
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

I was crossing the street near the Shaw Metro and a man was just stepping off the curb as I was getting to the other side of the street. He stopped in his tracks when we were about 5 feet apart, looked me square in the face and said “Hey pretttttty.” When I kept walking and didn’t return his attempt at eye contact, he repeated just “PRETTY” louder a few times. When I passed him with my head down and still didn’t respond, he said “Did you not hear me?”, I guess because I had my headphones in. (And I suppose because in his mind there was no other possible explanation for why I wouldn’t immediately respond!) At this point I was so annoyed I turned my head around and said, “Yeah, I heard you, I just don’t appreciate being talked to like that,” and kept walking. I was treated to his tirade of “F**k you, bitch, what’s wrong with you”, etc. directed at me for maybe 30 seconds as I got further away.

Submitted on 12/27/12 by “C.R.”

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  1. porsha

    I love when they get assholish on me like that. I always say “Well, why didnt you just call me a bitch in the beginning? It took you that long to get to that point. Say what you really feel, dont bullshit me, and Im a bitch. Thanks for the update.”