Groped on the Metro

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Location:  Orange or Blue train, at L’Enfant Plaza
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

I was on the metro on my way to work, sitting in the front seat. A youngish guy (early-mid twenties) got on and asked if he could sit next to me. I thought that was a weird question because it’s not like anything taking up the extra space. He had dreads and dressed somewhat professionally. He sat down and I proceeded to just read emails on my phone, check twitter, etc. Then I felt something on my ass – it was very subtle so I thought it was his bag or something, but when I looked down I noticed there was more than enough space between us, and he quickly moved his right hand. I jumped up to move, and so did he as he was getting off the train. So I sat back down and just glared at him in the reflection of the window on the doors until they opened. I didn’t say anything since it’s entirely possible that what I thought happened didn’t actually happen. But the disgusting feeling in my gut I still have hours later is telling me I was correct. I wish I had said something.

Submitted on 12/18/12 by Anonymous.

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  1. omar

    this is really embarassing. but a guy in his late thirties groped my penis in the crowded metro n idin react then cuz idid not think it was real. when ididnt react he put his hands in my pants n suddenly the station came n he left before icould break his skull..