Steeling yourself against sexual assault on the metro

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Location:  Green line; metro
Time: Morning Rush Hour (5am-9:30am)

I have had two incidents riding metro over the past few years. the train was crowded and got more so, to the point where I ended up standing really close to other riders. In the first instance, the guy behind me decided to get closer, and began rubbing himself on me. The train was so crowded I had no place to go and could not turn around or move til the next stop. All I could manage to see was he was about a foot taller than I and was wearing a striped polo. At the next stop as I turned around to confront him, he ran off the train so quick I still didn’t see his face much less get to say anything. In the second instance things were similar, but this moron was to my left more near my hip; again all I got was he was about my height this time and seemed to be wearing office attire. Once again he bolted from the train before I could do anything.

I’ve had it with pervs and now take steps to avoid such contact: if I have to stand I try to do so in such a way my back is against a wall, and if it starts to get crowded I will not move to let people closer to me (sorry to those who can’t get on, these dudes spoiled it for y’all) I have also determined that I have nothing to lose since even though Metro has that new ‘tell someone’ campaign I have never seen anyone in a station when these things happen, I will have to follow basic self defense such as yelling and a knee/foot/fist/elbow to the crotch if I am ever assaulted again. I think my body language and facial expressions are a good deterrent now, I try to look unapproachable.

Submitted on 12/5/12 by “MsKat”

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