On being told to ‘smile’: “It makes me madder and madder every time it happens.”

Location:  Penn Quarter, NW DC
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

I yelled at a “smile baby” guy just now. This one couldn’t stop with just telling me to smile, but also told me that I walk “like I am sad.” I told him “I can walk however I want to walk, I don’t need your advice, thanks.” He says “well I am just telling you that the way you walk is telling the whole world you are sad, just dropping some wisdom on you.” So I go “Well, telling smart women that they don’t know how to walk right makes you look pathetic and stupid, not wise, asshole.” The awful part is I feel like I’ve just been in a fight. 15 minutes later at the safety of my desk, my hands are still shaky and I feel sick. I get that the “smile, baby!” guys don’t understand how invasive it is, but it makes me madder and madder every time it happens.

Submitted on 12/3/12 by “Muk”

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