“I ran after him to confront him, and he turned around [and] punched me in the face.”

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Location:  14th & U Street NW – Outside McDonalds
Time: Late Night (12am-5am)

I had been getting a lot of guys calling out to me all night and I was tired of it. I was with 3 friends waiting for a cab when a man called out to my friend from inside his car something along the lines of “hey baby, want a ride?” When I told her to turn around and ignore it, he called me a “fat bitch.” Out of frustration, and yes it was a mistake, I walked over to his car and dumped my cup of soda all over him before he drove away.

About 10 minutes later, still waiting for a cab, the man, who was middle aged and about twice my size, walked up from nowhere and dumped a drink over me, again calling me a bitch. I ran after him to confront him, and he turned around, punched me in the face, grabbed my shoulders, and threw me to the ground so my head slammed against the pavement. He ran off, and the only thing any of the 50+ people waiting at the corner and bus stop did was help me pick up my glasses.

The McDonalds security guard didn’t believe me at first and then told me I needed to find the police because he couldn’t do anything. The police, who were very hard to track down, recommended I not file a police report because they would have to take me in because I assaulted him first.

Submitted on 11/13/12 by “CEO”

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3 Responses

  1. Grammaton

    That guy is a pathetic piece of trash, and HE assaulted the ladies first. I see the DC police are nothing but a bunch of uneducated losers, collecting their ill-earned paychecks while they do exactly NOTHING to make the streets safer. What a bunch of clowns. All the police are these days are enforcers for the super rich. They don’t care about cleaning up the streets. They just waste their time going after anybody making money outside of the rules; rules put in place by the rich fraudsters who don’t want the peons from acquiring large amounts of cash.

  2. Salam

    What in the world were you doing out that late at night in DC?

  3. renee

    The post reads that this was anytime from midnight to 5am, which is a large range. The U Street area is known for its nightlife, and bars do not close until 3am on the weekends. However, whether it’s 1pm in the afternoon on a Monday or 4am on a Friday, women should be able to feel safe and free from sexual harassment.