“I’m going to report you.” BAM.

Location: McPherson Sq, K Street side
Time: Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)

I was walking down K Street toward Farragut Square and in front of McPherson Sq, a tow truck driver made kissing noises at me while I was walking. When I stopped and took a picture of the tow truck he said “should I smile?” and I said “I’m going to report you.” Another man on the sidewalk started laughing.

The tow truck’s information is DCATF (DC Auto, Truck and Fleet Repair), 1110 U St SE, DC 2002 (the zip code is likely 20002, but if you’re the kind of idiot who thinks it’s okay to harrass women on the street, you probably don’t know that zip codes have five numbers). The DC# is 4924 and the USDOT# is 1929239. I was furious after this–I just wanted to go home peacefully, not have to deal with some jackass harrassing (sic) me.

Submitted on 10/26/12 by Anonymous

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