“It was unsettling but I am proud that I still stood up for myself”

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Location: 18th and Columbia NW
Time: Day Time (9:30am-3:30pm)

I was walking down 18th st. In Adams Morgan next to the suntrust across the street from McDonald’s. I was looking down at my phone trying to find some music to listen to during my commute. An unshaven man dressed in sweats and a baseball cap sitting on a bench told me,” you better look up girl so a man get can get some of that pussy.” Normally I freeze up in situations like that but for some reason this time I found my courage and said sternly, “don’t harass women, it’s rude!” I believe this man may have had some mental health issues because he started shouting and did not let up for a few blocks (I could hear him shouting as I walked away). He shouted things like, “you know you want it,” etc. etc. It was unsettling but I am proud that I still stood up for myself.

Submitted on 9/23/12 by JB

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