Shoe Shining

Location: G St. NW between 14th and 15th
Time:  Morning Rush Hour (5am-9:30am)

The shoe shiner on G St. is an unpleasant guy who can’t control himself. Today, I was in slacks and a sweater and he said, “You dropped something.” I said, “Where?” (turns out I didn’t drop anything). He said, “Let me pick it up for you,” while leering. I told him “Fuck you,” and called the cops. That’ll teach him not to harass women on their way to work.

Submitted on 7/25/12 by Anonymous

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3 Responses

  1. John B

    Not familiar with this location.

    Is this fellow a free lancer?

    Does he need the permission of the store whose front his stand abuts?

    • D

      It’s a few blocks from McPherson Square Metro, not far from the Treasury and the White House. While most of the people walking by are people who work in the area or tourists, there are some sketchy men who loiter and panhandle as well.

      I don’t think this guy works for a store, I think he works independently. I think Anonymous calling the cops on him is a good idea. And if I see him again (I posted another comment where I had a run-in with him too) and he does this crap, I’ll start calling the police on him too.

  2. D

    I’ve had a run-in with this guy before during the summer in the same or a nearby location. One time when I was on my way to lunch, he was talking to his friend, and they stopped their conversation to look me up and down when I was walking by. I can’t remember what I did in reaction, but I’m sure I gave him a dirty look and said something. He’s such a gross old man.