“I’d been yelled at before but never had anyone be persistent and follow me.”

Location: Friendship Heights
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

Several years ago I was walking down Wisconsin Ave on the sidewalk heading south in front of the shops in Friendship Heights. It was probably a Saturday around 4 or 5 pm, the weather was warm, so there were plenty of people also about. Out of the blue I heard some guy yelling at me. I can’t remember what he said, if it was about my skirt or just “hey girl”. I ignored him and kept walking. My memory is a bit fuzzy since this was a while ago but he may have said something again and I looked back at him and kept on walking. Then he yelled “are you Chinese” or “are you Japanese”. I kept walking. Then he yelled “do you understand English?” I was already uncomfortable before this but at this point this was really feeling creepy. I’d been yelled at before but never had anyone be persistent and follow me. I decided to try to lose him. Rodmans was just ahead so I went into the store and I looked back to actually see the guy follow me in to the store! He didn’t see me though. I found a rear exit to the store and went out. I stayed off Wisconsin Ave at first but then got back on to it and didn’t see him anymore and went home. I wonder now, after reading Liz Gorman’s story, if I had called the police would they have done something about it?

Submitted on 7/20/12 by Anonymous

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  1. John B.

    The police would have taken a report and that is where it would have ended unless they actually saw him. If he continued to act out after they saw him do so, they could have approached him for a little talk. If he escalated his barrage against them, they might have cited him for disturbing the peace.