Female Comedian Imagines Absurd Thinking Behind Street Harassers

In the first of a video series by writer/director Chioke Nassor, comedian Sasheer Zamata tells her story of having been sexually harassed and flashed by a man while on her walk home.

The video is laughable in imagining the (inane) excuses some men might have in sexually harassing women, such as sincere thinking that a woman might enjoy the harassment, or that the behavior might help the male harasser to reassert his masculinity in the face of societal pressures to act “metrosexual”). At the same time, Zamata also remarks about how the harassment made her feel unsafe: “I got home and was like, ‘What was I thinking?’ I should have called the cops and gotten into a cab immediately.”

Warning: NSFW

2 Responses

  1. Julia

    LOVED THIS! Especially in the wake of the whole Daniel Tosh “rape ‘joke'” conversation, where feminists were being accused of lacking a sense of humor, great to see a comedian showing how humor can be used to highlight the *absurdity* of street harassment (what DO guys think they’re going to get out of behaving that way?).

  2. renee

    Great point – especially awesome to see this post-Tosh. She does a great job of showing how UNfunny sexual harassment is and how absurd it is that anyone would find it acceptable, let alone laugh about it.