“Sometimes I tell people about it, laughing…but I think about it every day”

Location: 3rd and Florida Ave NW
Time: Late Night (12am-5am)

I was leaving my friend’s apartment a year or two ago and went to the corner to catch a cab. It was definitely after midnight, but it wasn’t much later than that. I had only been standing out there for a minute or two when a white van with at least four men in it pulled up. They asked me where I was going, to which I said nothing. “We can take you where you want to go,” one of them said leeringly.

I was afraid and tried to make it seem like I was in on the joke so that they wouldn’t get mad. I told them I’d be fine and wanted to wait for a cab. I think I also made something up about a boyfriend coming down the stairs in a minute, because I was becoming terrified that they would abduct me.

Eventually they drove away and a cab came shortly thereafter. Sometimes I tell people about it, laughing, as if it was some crazy hijink, but I think about it every day. I would have posted this sooner, but I just found this website.

Submitted on 7/12/12 by Anonymous

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