She opted for a neighborly hello, he opted to sexually harass her

Location: 8th & I Street, NE (Union Station/H Street)
Time: Day Time (9:30am-3:30pm)

Yesterday I was walking home from work wearing a plain unisex crewneck t-shirt, and I was in a good mood. An elderly gentleman walking the opposite direction smiled at me and I prepared to say hi, as exchanging greetings with strangers is common and conisdered polite in my neighborhood, and is even expected. I smiled at him as he approached and said hello, and he said “well, you’ve got some pretty little titties, don’t you?” as I passed. I felt violated and ashamed, and walked the rest of the way home with my arms crossed over my chest. I’m used to street harassment when I wear tank tops and dresses, not because I’m into victim-blaming but it just seems to happen, and I can brush it off because (unfortunately) I expect it. But something about how I had been ready to have a perfectly polite exchange of greeting but instead received a crude comment about my body was especially disheartening, and it ruined my afternoon and made me extremely self-conscious.

Submitted on 7/3/12 by “MK”

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One Response

  1. Lisa

    I am very sorry to hear this happened to you. I live just 5 blocks from that intersection. If I cross paths with that nasty critter, I will respond for both of us. Hang in there!