Mad Wo/Men Ad Agency

Yeah, that’s right. We said it. We are a Mad Wo/Men Ad agency with all the glory of Penn Ave. ūüėČ Well, we got three sets of ads up right now in English and Spanish in the DC Metro system. Where?, say you.

1.      Addison Road    Metro РAshamed
2.      Ballston                Metro РAshamed
3.      Benning Road    Metro РRub
4.      Benning Road    Metro РSpanish
5.      Capitol Heights Metro РAshamed
6.      Cheverly                Metro РRub
7.      Cheverly                Metro РSpanish
8.      Clarendon               Metro РAshamed
9.      Cleveland Park  Metro РRub
10.     DuPont Circle   Metro РRub
11.     Eisenhower              Metro РSpanish
12.     Eisenhower              Metro РAshamed
13.     Foggy Bottom    Metro РSpanish
14.     Forest Glenn    Metro РAshamed
15.     Forest Glenn    Metro РRub
16.     Fort Totten             Metro РSpanish
17.     Fort Totten             Metro РAshamed
18.     Franconia-Springfield   Metro РRub
19.     Franconia-Springfield   Metro РSpanish
20.     Georgia Avenue Petworth Metro РAshamed
21.     Glenmont                Metro РRub
22.     Glenmont                Metro РSpanish
23.     Grosvenor               Metro РAshamed
24.     Huntington              Metro РRub
25.     Judiciary Square        Metro РSpanish
26.     Landover                Metro РAshamed
27.     Landover                Metro РRub
28. ¬† ¬† L’Enfant Plaza ¬†Metro – Spanish
29.     New Carrollton  Metro РRub
30.     Potomac Avenue  Metro РAshamed
31.     Potomac Avenue  Metro РSpanish
32.     Prince Georges Plaza    Metro РRub
33.     Prince Georges Plaza    Metro РSpanish
34.     Takoma          Metro РRub
35.     Van Dorn                Metro РSpanish
36.     Van Ness        006     Metro РAshamed
37.     Van Ness        008     Metro РRub
38.     Waterfront      006     Metro РSpanish
39.     Waterfront      007     Metro РAshamed
40.     Wheaton 014     Metro РRub

We were told by Caroline Lucas, WMATA Communications Manager, that the ads will be installed on all buses. Have you seen one? If so, click it and send it us at @hollabackdc tagged with #antiSHads.

Now, the first person to send us pictures of you in front of all 40 ads, tagged #antiSHads, on Twitter and/or Facebook will get a prize. Do it by next Friday, June 15. Seriously! Make it happen because Mad Wo/Men Agency partners can.

And, big congrats to YOU, Pascale, Kay, Dienna, Ami, Allie, Ben, & Holly. Making it happen like only rockstars can.