CASS: Moving Forward

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You wanted to testify but couldn’t get time off. Or, you may not have had an experience on Metro. Or you may have one but weren’t ready to share it in a public forum?

Whatever the reason, we’ve heard from many of you that you want to get involved in pushing Metro FORWARD.

How can you get involved?

  • Attend the Metro forums happening this and next week and share your experience with sexual harassment & assault on the Metro. Make sure you end with: “We’ve seen something, we’ve said something, now we want Metro to DO something.” Email us for more tips re: your testimony at
  • Even if you can’t make the forum, submit a written testimony and copy us at We can also help you with the written testimony. Check out some of the ones we submitted last week: (Chai) (Pascale) (Ami)
  • Send us your stories via email, YouTube, or leave us a message of what happened with as many details as possible at (202) 556-4232. Keep in mind that anything you submit to us may be used in our campaign to move Metro FORWARD.
  • Like the arts? Draw/paint/color what happened to you, as it will be showcased during the Anti-Street Harassment Week art exhibit.

What would you like to see happen?