Groped on the Metro

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I was riding the train Friday night after going to the bars near Farragut North. I sat down and there was a guy behind me saying dirty things. He then started to touch my hair, and I moved my head forward a little bit. I realized a few seconds later he was groping my side and breast. I stood up quickly and stood by the door. When he went to get off of the train, he cornered me and I hit him in the chest and he said “What the F***?!” and walked off. This was at Chinatown.

I arrived at Union Station, my stop, and called the Metro Police to report it. The operator told me unfortunately since I had left the station there was nothing they could do about it and didn’t take my name or incident information.

Submitted by anonymous on 2/23

Location: Red Line between Metro Center and Chinatown

Time of harassment: Late Night (12A-5A)

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