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I was sitting on the metro and a man came onto the train car that I was on and walked up to me so he was standing directly in front of my face and started doing pelvic thrusts into my face and asking me to “do something.” I didn’t say anything and continued to stare out of the window the whole time until he stopped – about 30 seconds later he moved on and walked to the other end of the train where he continued to harrass other women who started yelling and him and then he started acting like he was a boxer and “fake punching” the women. The other metro riders did nothing, so I went and hit the emergency call button to the driver. The metro was stopped and off loaded at Braddock. I never had a chance to point out the offender by the time the metro driver found me to talk. All the women moved into a different train car, then the metro resumed. They thanked me for doing something.

Several weeks later, the same man recognized me on the metro as I was getting off the metro at King Street, he was getting on the metro, and as we passed each other as I was exiting he grabbed my by the arm and said “hey.” I hardly had time to put two and two together but the entire series of events was absolutely rattling to my sense of safety. He remembered me.

Submitted by Angela on 2/2

Location: On the metro between Reagan and Braddock

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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  1. cathy

    very creepy. it might not accomplish much, but could you give metro police a description?