“What, you don’t hear me?”

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I was going to meet my boyfriend after his rehearsal at a local studio close to my house. When I got there, however, he texted me to say the director had a bit more he wanted to run and he really wasn’t sure when they would be let out. As it was very cold, I decided to just go back home and he would meet me there later. As I was walking back along Pershing, I noticed a group of maybe four or five guys, at least a few years older than I, walking along the opposite side of the street.

I was cold, tired, a little disappointed, and just in no mood to really deal with anything. So when one of them started trying to get my attention, making “psstt” noises, I just ignored it and kept walking. They continued doing this and saying things like “what, you don’t hear me?” before I heard something land in the street a few inches behind me. Immediately they erupted into laughter and a chorus of, “shit, that was so close!”, and threw something else at me (neither hit). I heard one of them say, “you guys are fucking assholes.” Thanks. After that I think I lost my novelty and they let me walk home in angry, disturbed, resentful, pissed-off peace. I don’t think any good would have come from confronting these boys harassing me on the otherwise-empty street, but damn, I wish I had.

Submitted by L on 1/14

Location: Pershing Drive, Silver Spring

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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  1. cathy

    wow, that’s awful. i’m glad you weren’t physically hurt.