I was going for a jog after work through Logan Circle, up 14th Street, down Florida Ave., and through LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale. On multiple occasions, older men (probably 40+) either made comments as I passed them (one I heard saying “you don’t need to run to look like that”), leered at me, or jokingly ran along.

Finally, I passed a gentleman and I turned behind to see him staring at me and saying a comment about my butt that I couldn’t clearly hear. Incredibly frustrated after this experience, I angrily told him “do not say a word to me,” and kept on running.

It was probably not the best response that I could have given but I was really quite demoralized and upset by the end of the run. Whether they intended to or not, I was feeling self-conscious about running in spandex by the end of my jog, or that my running served no purpose besides their consumption. Argh.

Submitted by ME

Location: LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale (two separate areas)

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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5 Responses

  1. bob

    yeah jogging in skin tight spandex, is not going to get you any attention , yup shame on them for commenting on your body

    • Mara

      Yes, you’re right, shame on them. Because she didn’t ask for their opinion, and as adults, they should have enough self control to keep their opinions to themselves. She didn’t ask, she doesn’t care, and they should be mature enough (though obviously they weren’t) to leave her alone.

    • Lexie

      Great job, Bob. Wearing spandex does not give people the right to harass you.

      Think about it. Not every man responded like a creep. Some men just saw a jogger wearing appropriate running wear. Some saw an opportunity to act like jerks. Their responses say nothing about her… but everything about them.

  2. Kat

    Wow Bob, yeah, she should wear a burlap sack to work out so no one will notice her.

    The problem isn’t the runner; the problem is grown men who can’t control their mouths or urges and feel the need to objectify her by commenting on her appearance. If I see an attractive man, I don’t go yelling at him. Why? Because I was raised better than that and I have respect for my fellow human beings. Maybe you should, too.

    Ok, I’m finish feeding the troll.

  3. Sara

    Hey Bob, can you clarify something for me? So…she was asking for assholes to catcall her because…she was wearing running clothes? God, the nerve!