Too Many Occurrences

I was walking home from work at 16th and 1 block below P Street, NW, when two guys approached me and told me I have a fat ass. I said no thank you and kept walking, at which point they started following me. Fortunately, a bus pulled up and I was able to cross the street and catch it in time. It was very unnerving.

I also had an experience a couple weeks ago in front of the Target in Columbia Heights were a man asking for donations for Planned Parenthood, of all places, approached me to ask for money and then kept on about how he had watched me walk up the street and when I came out of Target wanted to talk to me. Ew.

Submitted by Elizabeth
Location: 16th and P St. NW
Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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One Response

  1. Anonymous

    Ugh. I’m sorry, Elizabeth~ I got the fat ass “compliment” weekly when I lived in DC, and it was always a horrible experience. I’m glad that bus came to save you, but furious that these creepers followed you in addition to verbally harassing you. (Again, I wonder: WHAT is the payoff for making a woman feel not only gross but scared?) I tried several rebuttals when faced with those comments and nothing ever worked, but it sounds like the “no thank you” approach at least got them to shut their mouths. If I were to experience it again, I think I’d probably calmly tell them “I don’t like having that said to me.” I wonder if a direct but non confrontational approach like that could work.

    As far as the Columbia Heights guy goes, he basically insinuated that he’d been semi-stalking you from a distance. I’ll never understand why guys think it’s sexy or appealing for us to know that they’ve been watching us secretly like a lion preying on a gazelle. It’s creepy. And they never realize that, which baffles me.

    Stay strong, and good luck out there!

    (p.s. Pepper spray is only $10! I recommend every female in DC carry it.)