“I asked if he found harassment amusing!”

My girlfriend and I were sitting in the back of the bus. Two other women were across from us and another along the back row of seats. A guy had been talking loudly at the back door and then came and sat down by one of the seats. He started by telling one of the women across from me that she had him physically. When she said “Excuse Me” he replied that God gave her one of his ribs so he was part of her.
Then he started asking the woman along the back row where she was from. She ignored him as he kept digging and saying she was hispanic. When she finally said she was American he started saying that wasn’t true. Then he started with the other woman across from us saying she was Asian. She told him it was none of his business and he started ranting again about how all women are connected to men and how they were all European foreigners.
I finally spoke up and told him to leave us all alone. He then started in on us being dykes, that we were an abomination to the bible. A guy along the back laughed and I asked if he found harassment amusing. He then started yelling at me about how he could laugh at whatever he wanted. He got off at the next stop and then the first guy started in again on us about how did we have sex and that we needed a man. The woman who spoke up before tried to say something but he kept yelling over her.

I finally called the transit police to report the activity at which point he moved to the front of the bus. The transit authorities contacted the bus driver but he was not asked to leave the bus. A fellow female passenger who heard the end thanked me for calling the cops but the only other guy in the back told us we should have just ignored it.

Submitted by Amanda 

Location: G8 Bus #2300 from 3rd & Rhode Island NE to 9th & M NW

Time of harassment:  Morning Rush Hour (5:00A – 9:30A)

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2 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    The men mentioned in this story should be ashamed of themselves—the harasser for starting stuff and the bystanders who thought it was amusing/not worth standing up against! Appalling!

    Glad you spoke up and called Transit Police. Sounds like nothing was done against this harasser. Why am I not surprised?

  2. JS

    I am so disheartened by the bystanders in this story. To think, a man laughing at street harassment and another telling you how YOU should have dealt with it. I bet they would feel differently if they were constantly harassed and constantly made to feel unsafe.

    I’m glad you called the police. And I’m sorry you had this experience.