“You look good in that, but you’d look better out of it”

I just got out of an MMA class, and this dude on 14th and Irving compliments my outfit, and says “You look good in that, but you’d look better out of it” or some stupid thing like that. He muttered it enough that I just ignored him and went to the wine store. When I got out of the store, he’s right outside and says “That’s a mighty big bag. Do you need help with that bag? What do you have in there.”

Rolling my eyes, I say “boxing gloves, mouthguards, focus mitts, thai pads, shin guards, handwraps, and a stinky shirt with some blood on it.” I was honest about everything but the blood, I just wanted an exclamation mark. Biohazard usually works in that regard, I think.

He said “oh, sounds like you can handle it yourself, sorry, ma’am.”

Submitted by muk

Loctation: 14th & Irving St NW

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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