“Don’t follow me!”

I was putting recycling into my boss’ car when a man came out of Fiesta Restaurant (at Dupont Circle) and said “Nice car.” Since I knew exactly what was about to transpire, I ignored him. He repeated himself and I brusquely responded “It’s not my car.” He walked right up behind me, disgustingly checked me out and asked me where I worked. I glared at him and gave him a vague response. I was having trouble closing the car door (again, not my car) and the whole time the guy just stood there looking at me. I finally got the door closed and started to walk away when he yelled out “I love you!” and started to follow me. Without even looking at him I sternly shouted “Don’t follow me!” and attracted the attention of passerbys. He mumbled something about how he wasn’t following me, he was trying to sit on the steps (conveniently directly beside me) and as I walked into my work building he shouted “I love you!” again. So I loudly told him to shut up.

Why didn’t I walk into Fiesta and demand to know if he was an employee or patron? Why didn’t I take his photo? I don’t know. Next time. I’m just glad I was able to stand up for myself, for once.

Submitted by E.H.

Location: Connecticut Ave, NW

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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