Uncomfortable in the Cab

I called a cab to take me from my house to a bar to meet with some friends. I decided against walking or taking public transit because it was already passed midnight and I was nervous about being female and alone. The cab driver did not make me feel safe. He told me that I smelled “good enough to eat” and that he said that I was so pretty, I “might not get home tonight”. I was so uncomfortable and even though he was a much older guy and I didn’t think he would actually harm me, I was nervous. I even GPS’d where I was going on my phone so that I could assure myself we were going the right way and that he wasn’t taken me somewhere to rape and murder me. I do not think it’s right my perceived attractiveness means I “might not make it home.” And I think it’s so scary for those kind of comments to be made in a cab when it’s just me and the man. What should I have done in this situation?

Submitted by Anonymous

Location:  H St., NE

Time of harassment: Late Night (12A-5A)

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5 Responses

  1. Erin Skelly Cameron

    I would have asked him to pull over immediately, taken down his name/cab/license number and called the cab company to report him. His behavior is completely unacceptable – you specifically took a cab so you wouldn’t have to deal with this type of behavior.

  2. Danielle (@VeggieTart)

    I hope you reported him to the taxicab commission, although it probably won’t do a bit of good.

  3. Commentor

    If you have a receipt or cab number, definitely report him to the commission.

  4. Michael

    I don’t think I would have said anything at the time either (I’m a queer guy, so the dynamic is different, but there’s still a level of vulnerability/risk involved), but I might have said something as I was getting out of the cab. Just tried to calmly say “Hey, by the way, those comments really made me uncomfortable and I think they’d make other people uncomfortable too. You probably shouldn’t say stuff like that, especially when people are alone in a small space with you.”

    Though from reading this blog, I know there’s a good chance he might have gotten defensive and said something even worse, so it may be lose/lose. There’s no “should,” just do what makes you feel the best.

  5. jenster8dc

    That’s so gross. I hope you didn’t tip him.

    Cab drivers in DC are required by law to have their license visible when they’re driving. It’s usually attached to the passenger-side visor. If it’s not there or the visor is up, you have the right to ask to see it. I make a habit of checking out the name and pic on the license when I get in the cab for situations just like this, so I can have his name if I call to report him. Something to keep in mind.