“Hey Beautiful”

This is a mostly positive story. In fact, it was badass.

I was walking North up 7th Street to get lunch. One man, probably in his 50s, said, “Hey beautiful…” and started to try to talk with me as he walked along side me. I looked over at him and said, “I don’t like that. It’s disrespectful.” He objected, asking me why it was disrespectful. I shook my head, repeated, “I don’t like it” and kept walking. He stopped walking and left me alone.

When I came out of the restaurant on T street NW and started to walk back to 7th Street, I was walking fast and came upon a man holding several large bottles of vitamins. He started to try to sell me vitamins but stopped when he saw me. He looked me up and down and said, “You don’t even need these.” Before I could respond, I heard a man yell from the street, “Don’t say that to her. I already talked to her and she thinks it’s disrespectful.” I looked over and the man from 10 minutes before on my walk was yelling out his truck window at my current accoster. I laughed and yelled “Thank you!” and went on my way.

Submitted by Joni

Location: 7th and S NW

Time of harassment: Day time (9:30A – 3:30P)

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  1. Ruth

    This is my favorite story. Ending street harassment, one hollaback at a time.