“Can I sit here?”

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I was at an event for work near Union Station and needed to stop somewhere to send a few emails, so I bought a drink and set up at a table in the lower level food court (across from the Greek food vendor.)A man who was waiting for his order asked me if he could sit at the extra seat at my table. I let him, because I’m not in the habit of being rude. As I was furiously typing on my laptop, he asked me if I would go to dinner with him sometime “because I was so beautiful.”

Me: “I have a boyfriend”

Him: “So you’re saying if I give you my number you’re not going to call me later?”

Me: “Absolutely not. I’ve been dating someone for more than two years. I’m not interested.”

Him: “Well, do you have any fine sisters or cousins in the area who look as good as you?”

Me: “Uh, no.”

At this point, the guy stops bugging me, but lingers at my table and I catch him very obviously staring down my shirt. Perhaps the most uncomfortable 5-7 minutes ever spent in Union Station.

Submitted by J.S.

Location: Union Station

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A – 3:30P)

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