Post-SlutWalkDC Discussion Harassment

I went to AAUWs conversation on Slut Walk, which was hosted on AAUW property. I approached the table with alcoholic drinks and asked the pourer how he was doing.

He responded that he was enjoying the company of all the “beautiful women.”

I’m still stunned. Why didn’t I say anything? I could have said: “Hey, sir, I don’t appreciate that. We’re all here in a professional capacity tonight.”

Was I worried about my reputation as a young woman as a guest in a professional setting?

And I overheard him making similar comments to other women. Harassment is harassment.

Submitted by RI on 8/18/2011

Location: 16th & L Street NW @AAUW discussion

Time of harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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4 Responses

  1. Kevin&Rock


    • Golden Silence

      Is this a new thing to tell people what is and what isn’t harassment? If she felt it was harassment, it was harassment.

      • E

        That’s an absurd standard that luckily has no legal standing. Only the most bored and paranoid liberal arts major could possibly construe this story as actual, legitimate harassment.

  2. Mark

    Oh, how disgusting of that guy! You should have called the police on him…..