Have You Seen Him?

I was walking north on Bladensburg Road carrying toilet paper back to my new house. A white van travelling south slowed down and pulled over near me, and a man inside called me over with what sounded like “Do you know the way to…” but so low I couldn’t hear the last part.

So I walked closer and said “What?”

He said “What is your name?” I was about to tell him off for stopping me to flirt, but then I looked down. He was not wearing pants, and was masturbating.

I looked him right in the eye and said, “That’s disgusting. I’m taking your picture and then I’m calling the police.”

He immediately pulled out int o traffic and drove away south towards H St. As he pulled away, I took note of his tags and wrote a text message so I’d remember them, with a description of the vehicle. I really, *really* wish I’d pulled out my phone and gotten his picture before threatening to call the police.

I called 911 and reported the incident. Here is the description I gave the cops (admin, feel free to redact this if you don’t want it posted publicly): A middle-aged heavy-set black man with close-shaved hair, wearing a white t-shirt and no pants, driving a white utility-style van with no side windows and no distinguishing marks. The tags were Maryland, the red, white, and blue “War of 1812” commemorative style. The number was 7ac7451 (or possibly 7ac7541).

And now I’m gonna rant for a second. What the fuck with this asshole? Seriously, did he wake up this morning (in Maryland, presumably), get into his van, think to himself “Hey, I wanna go flash some woman in DC today!” Then take off his pants and drive down Bladensburg road until a suitable victim walked by? He had clearly been holding himself well before he pulled over to talk to me. AND this is the SECOND GODDAMN TIME I’ve been accosted by a man masturbating in public in this city. First time was on the Metro about a year and a half ago, an experience I submitted to this site as well. I AM NOT THERE FOR YOUR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION, YOU SICK FUCKS. I have a right to walk down the street and ride the metro WITHOUT looking at your penis, you perverted piece of shit. FUCK YOU.

Okay, I feel a little bit better. But I’ll feel a hell of a lot better if this description leads to an arrest, or at least a hassle for this asshole if someone out there recognizes his description.

Submitted by KES on 8/20/2011

Location: Bladensburg Rd NE, between Levis & Oates @On the streets

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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  1. Sharon

    Great rant, loved it! I’m just glad you weren’t pulled into van.