A Green Business but Mean Harassers

I was walking out of my office at 17th between K and L. These bike messengers are always hanging around outside, but usually they leave me alone. Today as I was walking out of work one of them hissed at me and called me “sexy.” I turned around and scowled and kept walking. behind me i heard him yell:

“dont get mad…bitch i will Duct Tape your ass”

I usually ignore it, but today i was pissed and reacted by scowling. I wanted this guy to know that he has no power over me, so it made sense that he would respond with the threat of violence – not used to someone telling him to shut up!

Submitted by S on 8/18/2011

Location: 17th between K and L Streets NW @On the street

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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