A Sunday Errand

I was walking to pick up some groceries, and a guy approached me right before I got to the store. He said hello, and gave me the once over. I said hello back to come across as confident, and to hide my discomfort. I went into the store and grabbed a cart, and then I saw him behind me in the aisle. He kept staring at me while I was in a few aisles. I thought about approaching the store manager, but then I didn’t see the man anymore. It was really uncomfortable. If I saw him again walking out, I debated walking home another way so he wouldn’t know where I was going. Running a quick Sunday errand should not have to entail men behaving inappropriately, and following a woman around the grocery store.

Submitted by Anonymous on 8/15/2011

Location:  11th and M Streets NW @ Capital Supermarket

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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