“Nice tights!”

One incident from early this spring has stuck in my head. I was walking down the street carrying a ton of groceries. As I passed a bus stop, a man sitting there called out “Nice tights!”. It seemed harmless and I wasn’t really offended, but as a rule I ignore men who give me “compliments” on the street. But then in a sarcastic voice this man said, “Thank you! You’re welcome!”, like I had been really rude not to respond. I had a flash of self-doubt before reassuring myself that I hadn’t done anything wrong. Whenever I think about it I feel annoyed and a little guilty, and then more annoyed that I feel guilty.

Submitted by S on 8/13/2011

Location: 14th St & Euclid NW (Columbia Heights)

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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