“It had me shaking all the way to work”

Earlier in the summer, I was walking down 13th Street towards the metro mid-morning, dressed professionally and conservatively, when two young men approached me mid-block between V and W with nobody else around. I typically make eye contact and say good morning when I am walking in this neighborhood, as it is the neighborhood I live in. They did not make eye contact as they approached, but despite the wide and empty sidewalk, walked very close to me as they passed.

Just as they approached me, one of the young men said “Baby you look hot”. I did not respond and kept walking. Five second later, this same young man launched into a jarringly profane and violent tirade “Who do you think you are you white cunt, think you can’t talk to me, I’m going to fuck you up” at the top of his lungs. I just kept walking.

Although I regularly get the “hey baby” greetings, and try to ignore them when it feels like a come on and greet them with an extra formal “good morning sir” when they feel like a tone-deaf greeting, this is the first time I’ve experienced a threat of violence and it had me shaking all the way to work.

Submitted by anonymous on 8/13/2011

Location: 13th St NW between V and W

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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3 Responses

  1. KK

    I lived in that neighborhood for 4 years and although it’s generally safe, the kids that hang out in the area (especially between U and W, 11th- 14th Street) can be violent. I was mugged one evening and while I got away safely, it completely changed my outlook on the neighborhood. These are kids from Cardozo High School (not stereotyping, they literally wear their letter jackets as they mug and harass people). You did the right thing by not responding and staying calm. But I totally understand how scary that can be.

  2. shortyblueyes

    I think you should have reported it to the police.

  3. anon

    Are most of these “holla” guys homeless or mentally ill?