“No. I am not a piece of meat…”

Hey, y’all, I posted this on facebook and tagged Hollaback DC, but wanted to submit it the blog, too because I feel so great!!

I was just holla’d out outside the Potbelly at CT and L NW (on my way back from getting lunch at another shop) by bike messengers who are always making trouble. I turned around and said “No. I am not a piece of meat and I am not a sex object. I am a woman!” One of them got mad saying he was just telling me I looked nice, and I told him that he was treating me like an object.

He then told me I was a “nasty ass slut” so I flashed my wedding band and said “I’M MARRIED!” and walked away. Got back to my office and called the Potbelly and spoke with the manager, Frank. He was sympathetic and understanding. He said he had been dealing with this problem for 5 years, but he can’t get any help from the police or the golden triangle people and they’re not actually on the premises since they’re outside the fence area.

He also said the police tend to not want to do anything because they think these jerks should be able to say whatever they want, even when it turns into harassment and vicious name calling. I’d like to see what happened if the sister/wife/mother/daughter of an MPD cop got holla’d at.

Submitted by Kat on 7/27

Location: Connecticut and L NW

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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3 Responses

  1. cathy

    it’s a compliment because they like you and want to share warm-fuzzies! until you don’t take the compliment the way they want you to and then you’re a terrible person. you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. arrrrrgh, so frustrating! good for you for holllering.

  2. beth b.

    tell the golden triangle BID people! have them get on the police! seriously. That shit it ridiculous. Here’s their website- http://www.goldentriangledc.com/
    I mean, you can boil it down to “aggressive bike messengers (which btw, who uses bike messengers anymore? no one. that’s who) harassing workers- police aren’t enforcing no loitering law (if there is one there)” They’re a pretty useful and motivated BID. Perhaps they can light a fire under the police’s ass. Or….tell Cathy Lanier. Seriously.

    • Kat Milligan

      Thanks Beth. I just got off the phone with Michelle at the BID. She does member services and is very aware of the problem. She said they’ve been working with the building’s property manager and a task force with police on the matter.

      She said the challenge is catching them doing illegal activities and having proof of it. She knows it is a widespread problem throughout the Golden Triangle area and they’re even in the parks making people not want to sit outside (luckily, I’ve only encountered the crazy workout dancer man at Farragut). She took down my info and she’ll see if it she can use it to build the case against them.