Harassed while Crossing the Street

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A few weeks ago, I was walking and crossed the street at a red light. A horn beeps really loudly, in an aggressive manner that I notice usually happens when someone’s stuck in traffic and experiencing bad road rage. I thought the driver was rushing me to cross, though I had pedestrian right of way and plenty of time to cross.

The driver beeps obnoxiously again, and I turn to see a pathetic excuse for a man sitting in the driver seat of his vehicle. He smiles and waves at me. His younger doppelganger sat in the passenger seat, not giving a crap about what I was doing, and probably embarrassed that the driver was making an ass of himself.

So beeping his horn obnoxiously was his way of getting my attention? He got it all right, but not the kind he was expecting. Instead of me running to his car filled with joy and passion, what he did was startle me and fill me with rage.

Since I was in the middle of crossing the street, my split second reaction was to flip him the middle finger while continuing to cross the street. I wish I had one of those holla back flyers I saw floating around that explains to these beeping jerks why it’s not cool to beep a horn to get a woman’s attention.

Submitted by anonymous on 7/3/2011

Location: Barton Street & Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. Omega

    I loathe when pigs do that. I once had a guy beep the horn at me while I was waiting at the bus stop. Everyone at the bus stop turned around to see who he was beeping at (including me). Everyone collectively turned their heads and looked back in the direction of where the bus would be coming. See, the reason I knew he was beeping at me because the next day the idiot parked across from the bus stop, walked over and proceeded to talk to me. Letting me know it was him the other day beeping his horn. I said ‘you really thought I was going to walk over to a strangers car?’ Unreal. I had to end up calling the non emergency number on this fool because he later started stalking me at the bus stop regardless of me telling him a) I’m not interested and b) I was married (which I wasn’t at the time). Calling the cops did work eventually. No more stalking.

    Women should not have to feel like deer being stalked by wolves.